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For all your adhesive needs, trust family-owned J&S ADHESIVES. Established in 1988, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of light curing adhesives and resins that make your projects and repairs come together with ease. Get a strong, reliable bond with J&S ADHESIVES.


About us

J&S Adhesives has been offering high quality adhesive products for over three decade. Family owned and operated, we specialize in high viscosity and super high strength adhesives for a range of applications. We are the leading suppliers of glass2glass adhesive, metal2metal adhesive, super strength construction adhesives, windshield resins and other specialized adhesives to customers in the US, UK, and Europe. Our products are designed to provide the perfect bond to a variety of surfaces and materials, and are ideal for both industrial, construction, windscreen repair & DIY use. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust J&S Adhesives for all your adhesive needs.

J&S Adhesives Manufacturers of the best industrial, construction and windscreen repair adhesives and resins. Manufacturers to the US & UK.

P - "Excellent bonding"

Bought this to re-adhere a heavy glass table top to a metal plinth base. I was dubious but it worked brilliantly. Just cured it with a reptile fluoro tube; you can feel it setting so you can part set it and still have time to clean off any excess easily. 10/10
September 2022

S - "Great Product"

“Great product, when using a uv light is has a very fast set time so your prep is everything."
December 2022

N - "Very Strong Bond"

"Purchased with UV torch to repair a broken arm on a glass chandelier,it was easy to use and formed a very strong bond,got to say I had my doubts it would work,but it’s amazing definitely recommend this product"
February 2023
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